Robust dashboard with charts, alerts, trending, and overview


Quickly access data to make insightful decisions


Only allow people you want to have access to your data


Around the clock continuous monitoring, analyzing, and trending of data


Quickly and easily connect additional equipment to your network

SENSEI. Always on. Always communicating.

No more unnesessary trips to equipment

Reduce maintenance trips, improve equipment performance, and gain full control of your industrial equipment at anytime from anywhere!

What is SENSEI?

SENSEI is a system of sensing devices connected wirelessly to deliver valuable insights about the equipment and lubricant condition allowing you to be more proactive with maintenance actions.

Sensei installs on your equipment and instantly sends data streams from sensors

The gateway/repeater streams data to the cloud

Intuitive dashboard provides instant access to real-time equipment and lubricant health

What Does SENSEI Do?

No more wondering. No more worrying. No more wasting time.

Provides real-time oil level in critical equipment from anywhere

Monitors fluctuations in oil consumption due to unnoticed leaks

Trends historically problematic equipment and alerts on bad actors

Flags concerning conditions to take the necessary corrective action

Predicts days remaining until empty oiler to prevent low levels

Allows your staff to focus on high priority tasks instead of making unnecessary trips

Who Needs SENSEI?

Protect the safety of personnel by reducing equipment related incidents and unplanned downtime

Maintenance Managers

Maintenance managers working with reduced staff

COVID-19 Crew

Current and post COVID-19 crews with maintenance order backlogs

Widespread Equipment

Widespread plants with large amounts of equipment that use oilers

Hazardous Locations

Plants with equipment in hard to reach or safety conscious locations

Predicting Failures

Staff looking to correlate information to predict failures


Sensei EX for Hazardous Locations

Meet SENSEI Components

Applying advanced analytics and equipment diagnostics to reduce costs and risks


Installs on equipment and measures the oil level, oil consumption and ambient temperature


Securely receives data and transmits it to the cloud


Allows for expansion of the network up to 200 devices per gateway

Where Can SENSEI Be Used?

Imagine the advantages when SENSEI is monitoring your equipment for you and your team.

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